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Polyjacking for Commercial Real Estate: Enhancing Property Value and Attractiveness

Concrete foundations are at the core of most commercial real estate properties, making proper commercial concrete repair vital to the integrity of such structures. Polyjacking is a permanent method of concrete repair that restores and fortifies foundations, sidewalks, driveways, and warehouse floors to prevent future sinking or cracking. And it could be just what your commercial property needs to increase both its property value and curb appeal!

Polyjacking for Commercial Concrete Repair

Commercial concrete leveling requires acute attention to detail. Many commercial properties bear a great deal of weight compared to a residential foundation, needing to withstand large amounts of foot or vehicular traffic on a daily basis.

The nature of commercial real estate also makes the idea of concrete replacement much more complex, as the disruption to the workplace would be significant. Polyjacking is fast and nondisruptive, allowing business to continue as usual very quickly after the concrete repairs have been completed.

As a commercial real estate agent or someone looking to sell a commercial property, ignoring concrete problems could spell disaster for your resale prospects and significantly cut into your profits. For this reason, we recommend you always have your concrete inspected and any problems dealt with as soon as possible.

How Polyjacking Can Increase Property Value

Polyjacking is a great way to increase your property value, especially if the commercial building you want to sell is older or rests on a sinking foundation. These signs of weak foundations are an easy way for buyers to negotiate a lower sale price and may even require you to repair or replace the foundation anyway. By getting ahead of the game before the problem worsens, you ensure your property value rests on solid ground!

Polyjacking for Commercial Foundations

Polyjacking does more than just lift sunken commercial foundations. It also strengthens and supports them to prevent future settlement! Even properties built on unstable soils can find new stability from polyjacking, making it an ideal solution for commercial foundations, including retail spaces!

Polyjacking for Warehouse Floors

If your commercial property’s warehouse floor is concrete, you understand how essential having a smooth, stable foundation is. Warehouse floors see much more vehicle traffic than other commercial foundations, requiring the ability to withstand a great deal of weight and pressure. Polyjacking is a lightweight but extremely durable solution that won’t weigh down warehouse floors while giving them the reliability they need and boosting workplace safety.

In addition to enhanced safety, having more reliable warehouse flooring means greater productivity as your floor is now better prepared to handle all the heavy equipment, dollies, carts, and vehicles without workers worrying about maneuvering around damaged or weak areas. A business is much more likely to buy a warehouse with stable, smooth flooring than one with cracked or uneven floors that may buckle under the pressure of their workflows!

How Polyjacking Boosts Curb Appeal

The benefits of polyjacking for commercial real estate extend beyond essential repairs, though those are important. Sometimes commercial concrete repair means quite literally elevating the curb appeal of the building with nice, even sidewalks and parking lots.

Polyjacking for Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Polyjacking is effective anywhere you have concrete, including sidewalks, parking lots, and garages in addition to the interior workings of a commercial building. When presenting a commercial real estate property to a potential buyer, first impressions are everything. If the sidewalks are uneven or cracked, the steps are sinking, or the concrete parking spaces are uneven, that first impression will be a negative one that is difficult to come back from. Polyjacking can be the difference between a successful sale and the buyer walking.

Extra Credit: Sealing and Cleaning

Interested in going the extra mile with enhancing curb appeal? Sealing and cleaning exterior concrete will smooth out all the imperfections and protect your sidewalks and parking lots against future cracking or staining. This is a must for any exposed concrete surface, and you’ll be amazed at how much better your exterior looks with a good power washing and sealing treatment!

Commercial Concrete Repair Done Right

When Pro Polyjacking is on the job, you can rest assured that your concrete surfaces will be repaired permanently. That’s a guarantee, and it’s something you can list as a major selling point for your commercial real estate when you work with us. To add even greater peace of mind for you and potential buyers, our warranty is always transferable, meaning that the concrete we repair will remain protected by us no matter who owns it

Ready to give your commercial concrete some much-needed TLC? Contact Pro Polyjacking today for a free quote!