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Polyjacking for Commercial Real Estate: Enhancing Property Value and Attractiveness

New Commercial Real Estate Building | Pro Polyjacking

Concrete foundations are at the core of most commercial real estate properties, making proper commercial concrete repair vital to the integrity of such structures. Polyjacking is a permanent method of concrete repair that restores and fortifies foundations, sidewalks, driveways, and warehouse floors to prevent future sinking or cracking. And it could be just what your […]

Polyjacking vs. Other Concrete Leveling Techniques Over the Long Term

Cracked Cement Foundation | Pro Polyjacking

When your home or business has a sinking foundation or uneven concrete slabs, it’s important to understand your options for concrete repair. While many methods are available as alternatives to costly and inefficient concrete replacement, polyjacking is hands down the best option in terms of longevity, cost value, and environmental impact. To illustrate just how […]

Polyjacking in Extreme Conditions: Challenges and Solutions

Rainy Wet Driveway at Brick Residential Home | Pro Polyjacking

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, you know how difficult it can be to protect your home against the elements. While concrete is a very stable material that can handle a lot of wear and tear, it can’t always withstand extreme challenges like intense temperature fluctuations, weak soil conditions, severe freeze-thaw […]

Concrete Repair vs. Concrete Replacement: How Polyjacking Can Help

Cracked concrete driveway | Poly Projacking

When you have a cracked driveway or broken walkway, it can be difficult to decide whether concrete repair or concrete replacement is the best long-term solution. Repair may seem too temporary, but replacement can get very expensive! If you’re unsure whether repair or replacement is the right choice for your concrete, here’s how to decide […]

How to Level a Shed with Concrete Blocks

Storage shed in backyard | Poly Projacking

A portable shed is a handy way to add storage to your home, especially for outdoor tools, equipment, and other long-term storage. However, these do-it-yourself (DIY) installations can be prone to sinking and settling, especially if not built on a sturdy foundation. If you have a shed that is beginning to sink, or if you […]

How to Level a Hot Tub on Concrete

Backyard concrete patio with hot tub | Poly Projacking

Hot tubs are a wonderful way to relax, and can be a nice upgrade for your backyard. But because hot tubs (and the water inside of them) are very heavy, they require a sturdy foundation to remain level and last as long as possible. While you may think your concrete patio is the perfect spot […]

How to Level Concrete Steps

Uneven Concrete Steps | Poly Projacking

Concrete steps may sink due to erosion, unstable soils, or poor concrete installation. But regardless of the reason your concrete steps aren’t level, polyjacking is a quick fix that will bring your steps back up in line with the rest of your home! Leveling concrete is not something we recommend doing yourself, as doing so […]

How to Level a Door Threshold on Concrete

Exterior Door and Patio on Modern Family Home | Pro Polyjacking

If your exterior door threshold is uneven, you can end up with a gap around the seals that causes draftiness and may allow pests into your home. A threshold built on a concrete foundation or porch can make leveling even more complicated. What should you do to repair the problem? Here are some options for […]

Pros and Cons of Self-Leveling Concrete

Self-Leveling Concrete Liquid on Floor | Poly Projacking

Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodel or redoing your flooring, you’ve probably heard of a unique material known as self-leveling concrete. So you might be wondering: does self-leveling concrete live up to its name? Is it really easier to install than traditional concrete that needs to be manually leveled. Let’s take a look at what […]

Polyjacking for Retail Spaces

Retail Mall Parking Lot | Poly Projacking

Retail stores rely heavily on aesthetic appeal to draw customers into their doors and onto the display floor. The more a customer appreciates the physical experience of shopping in a retail space, the more likely they are to make a purchase. For this reason, it’s essential for retail shop owners to prioritize keeping their buildings […]