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Polyjacking for Retail Spaces

Retail stores rely heavily on aesthetic appeal to draw customers into their doors and onto the display floor. The more a customer appreciates the physical experience of shopping in a retail space, the more likely they are to make a purchase. For this reason, it’s essential for retail shop owners to prioritize keeping their buildings safe, reliable, and in peak condition for the optimal shopping experience.

Polyjacking is a concrete leveling method that permanently restores sidewalks, foundations, and other concrete surfaces. It is the most maintenance-free and reliable way to maintain a building’s structural integrity and like-new appearance, making polyjacking for retail a valuable investment for any business owner or property manager.

Benefits of Polyjacking for Retail Spaces

We could wax poetic all day long about the benefits of polyjacking for every structure, but let’s focus on how polyjacking can specifically benefit retail spaces. Here are four specific benefits retail shop owners should know about:

1. Professional Curb Appeal

One of the most obvious benefits of polyjacking for retail spaces is the instant restoration of concrete for beautiful curb appeal. If you have uneven sidewalks or sinking concrete steps leading into your shop, this can create an impression of disrepair. Not the first impression you want your customers to have! By contrast, freshly leveled, washed, and sealed walkways will make your building look as good as new and may even help it stand out against less cared-for stores in your area.

2. High-end Retail Appearance

The aesthetic appeal of polyjacking extends beyond your building’s exterior, especially if you have foundation settlement issues beneath the building itself. Polyjacking creates nice level flooring throughout your store, giving a sleek and presentable look that customers will appreciate. They may not consciously think about how nice and level your flooring is, but they definitely will think about it with distaste if your floors are uneven and difficult to manage.

3. Hazard-free Walkways

Older buildings may have a certain charm to their worn appearance, but that doesn’t mean uneven flooring will contribute to the antique feel. It will only serve to make walking difficult and even unsafe for employees and customers alike! If you leave your sinking foundation unattended to the point where your flooring becomes a trip hazard, you may even be at risk of increased employee insurance premiums or a lawsuit if a customer is injured.

4. Level Displays

Product displays are designed to increase the appeal of the items you are selling to customers. For this reason, you need these displays to be nice and level, keeping your products safe until they are ready to find a new home with a buyer. Shelving and racks should be on level flooring so they won’t tilt or fall over, spilling your products onto the floor and possibly injuring someone as a result. Polyjacking strengthens your foundation to create a stable surface for displays to rest upon.

5. Little to No Downtime for Repairs

Time is money in the retail biz, and you don’t want to waste any! Traditional methods of concrete repair like mudjacking can take a lot longer to perform, requiring you to close your business for multiple business days while the work is being done. These methods can also be very noisy and disruptive—something your retail neighbors will not appreciate!

Polyjacking is a fast and non-invasive method of concrete repair, requiring only a dime-sized drill into concrete slabs to create an injection site for the foam injection. Using a polyurethane foam that flows quickly beneath slabs to fill in voids and raise them back into position, polyjacking takes practically no time at all to set. This means as soon as the job is completed—a process that takes as little as a few minutes depending on the extent of the damage—your concrete will be completely safe to walk on again. You may not even need to close your business at all during polyjacking if the problem area can be easily blocked off temporarily!

Why You Should Never Ignore Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are more than just an aesthetic issue. If left untreated, sinking foundations can lead to greater problems like cracking, compromised walls, and your building shifting out of plumb, and may even make the entire structure unsafe to use. Foundation problems can also indicate other problems like water damage or the presence of burrowing pests beneath your structure, both of which can be stopped in their tracks by polyjacking but may require additional professional attention to stop leaks or remove pests.

If you’re ready to invest in the future of your retail space and ensure a safe, positive shopping experience that will inevitably boost your sales, contact us for a free consultation and find out how polyjacking can make a difference!