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How Polyjacking Can Slash Business Expenses and Boost Productivity

It’s easy to find reasons to put off necessary repairs and maintenance for your commercial building, especially if unexpected damages aren’t accounted for in your budget for the fiscal period. One commonly neglected maintenance issue is concrete repair. Polyjacking concrete repair costs can be a deterrent for many businesses, who either opt for a low-quality option like mudjacking or neglect to repair damages. But while they might be cheaper in the short term, these bandaid solutions and delays can result in decreased productivity and even larger expenses down the road. 

But polyjacking is a valuable investment for so many reasons! If your business is considering concrete repair, here are some ways concrete repair helps your business. 


Five Ways Concrete Repair Helps Your Business

1. It Boosts Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is no small matter! When a customer or team member walks up to your entrance, a clean, tidy aesthetic will set the tone for their entire interaction with your business. 

Cracked or uneven sidewalks, driveways, and showroom floors will give your business an unkempt appearance that won’t impress potential customers. Repairing your concrete can help boost your sales by adding value to the customer experience before they even walk through the door! And that’s well worth the polyjacking cost. 


2. It Prevents Even Worse Damages

Concrete damage left unattended will inevitably grow into a much larger issue. Why? Concrete will crack and move due to shifting soil and foundations beneath. So leaving it alone, or opting for temporary solutions, won’t fix the literal underlying issue. 

If your concrete is damaged, it requires repair right away, or it will only worsen with time. So a small investment in a polyjacking cost today can really pay off in the future.

Although a cheaper option for concrete repair, mudjacking will only temporarily cover up the issue and may even make it worse. When it comes to mudjacking vs. foam cost, don’t be fooled. While you might initially be tempted by the lower cost of mudjacking, you’ll only have more expenses later on. Polyjacking, in contrast, doesn’t just fill in the cracks. Polyjacking actually fills out gapping in beneath the surface and stabilizes the soil beneath the concrete slabs, fixing existing damage and preventing it from happening again in the future. For this reason, polyjacking stops even worse damage from happening on your property later on. That’s worth the polyjacking cost!


3. It Increases Workplace Safety

Whether your concrete needing repair is an old warehouse floor, the foundation of your building or simply the sidewalk outside of your entrance, it needs to be well-maintained to create a safe, hazard-free working environment.

Uneven flooring is a workplace safety hazard. It can cause employees to trip and injure themselves, which may result in them taking time off work to heal and your business experiencing an increase in your insurance premiums. Or if a customer falls on your property, you could open your business up to a tarnished reputation and legal issues. And if a situation like that occurs, those costs can FAR outweigh the polyjacking cost (as opposed to the mudjacking cost). 

Speaking of insurance, depending on your industry, you may have workplace safety requirements concerning the foundation and flooring for your building. If you see signs of foundation damage or cracking, don’t wait to get it resolved!


4. It Improves Productivity

Especially in commercial buildings with a lot of moving people and parts—like showrooms or warehouses—smooth, level flooring is essential to workplace productivity. Concrete that has been effectively repaired with polyjacking is better prepared to bear the weight of heavy equipment, and the smooth, level surface is easier to roll dollies, carts, and vehicles across without slowing down production to work around damaged areas. And increased productivity at your business is well worth the polyjacking cost. 


5. It’s a Tax Write-Off!

When you invest business funds in concrete repair costs, did you know can write it off on your taxes? Many maintenance and repair costs to your building are tax deductible, saving you a hefty chunk of change on your annual taxes. That’s worth noting when preparing for the end of your fiscal quarter!


Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cost of Concrete Repair?

It’s clear: the benefits of polyjacking for concrete repair far outweigh the costs. Polyjacking can save you thousands of dollars in the long run compared to replacing concrete slabs or mudjacking, and it is a worthwhile investment as opposed to just ignoring the issue and hoping it resolves itself (spoiler alert: it won’t).

The cost of mudjacking might seem lower at first glance, but remember: Mudjacking isn’t a long-term solution. The mudjacking cost only means you’ll pay more down the road!

The concrete repair cost with polyjacking varies depending on the scope of the leveling, crack filling, and sealing required, but an assessment and quote is completely free with Pro Polyjacking! Just contact us to make an appointment and we’ll help you sort out the cost details as they relate to your unique concrete repair situation.



How We Can Help Ease the Load of Concrete Repair Costs

We know the cost of concrete repairs is a heavy weight to bear, especially if you weren’t anticipating the expense. Just like your newly repaired concrete slabs are most prepared to handle your workload, we’re ready to help ease the burden of your concrete repair costs! 

At Pro Polyjacking, we have partnered with Wisetack to offer six different payment plans to help you finance as much as $25,000 in concrete repairs. We even have interest-free options for qualifying customers! Learn more about financing with Pro Polyjacking and give us a call to learn what options are available for your business.