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Saving Your Business: Polyjacking Solutions for Commercial Foundations

Commercial buildings are constructed atop solid, concrete foundations to ensure they remain sturdy and reliable for many decades of use. But what happens when your foundation becomes unreliable? How do you protect your commercial building against the ramifications of a foundation that is no longer stable?

Polyjacking for commercial foundations can give your building just the boost it needs to stand its ground and support your business. With noninvasive concrete repair and rapid restoration results, polyjacking is the preferred method for getting commercial foundations back in alignment when disaster strikes (or, ideally, before that point).

Here are five ways polyjacking can save your commercial foundations and, by extension, your business.

1. Fortification Against Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement can have frightening consequences for commercial buildings if left unchecked. When a concrete foundation shifts out of place, this can create air pockets—or “voids”—that the concrete slabs may sink down into. The repercussions of this settlement can create an unsafe work environment. Settlement can result in:

  • Sloping or sinking floors
  • Cracking walls
  • Jammed doors and windows
  • Walls leaning and shifting out of plumb
  • And a distorted building frame

Eventually, a building on an unreliable foundation may become so structurally unsound that it is at risk of collapsing. To stop foundation settlement in its tracks—and even reverse the process—polyjacking fills the voids and then quickly lifts concrete slabs back into place, creating a reliable foundation that will not sink again.

2. Stability for Unstable Soils

So what causes a foundation to shift out of place to begin with? Often, this shifting is the result of unstable soils. While soil testing by a professional geotechnical engineering company is routine these days for new construction, this specialty testing wasn’t always as common. Older buildings are at a higher risk of being constructed atop soils that are prone to shifting and collapsing under the weight of so much concrete. And furthermore, even newer buildings that saw in-depth soil testing before construction can have unexpected shifts and changes to the soil beneath.

The polyurethane foam that’s used in polyjacking is a liquid when it is initially injected, before solidifying into a lightweight but immovable material that locks foundations into place. Because it starts out as a liquid, the foam can easily flow through the smallest of voids, weaving its way through gaps in the soil to create better stability well below the concrete foundation. This is why polyjacking for commercial buildings is so powerful. It doesn’t just push down on top of unstable soils—it works with the soil to create a better foundation for your, well, foundation!

3. Prevention of Concrete Problems

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell if you have foundation issues until they begin to show through damage to your commercial building. Taking a more proactive approach is ideal because these concrete problems can spell disaster for your business if they go unnoticed for too long. Luckily for you, polyjacking is not just reactive—it’s also preventative!

Even if your foundation seems completely fine now, polyjacking can provide you with the peace of mind that it will remain so for the long haul. Using a method called deep injection, polyjacking for commercial buildings can be performed at virtually any time, even when a building is first being built! Polyjacking is a concrete leveling solution for every commercial building, not just those in crisis. It’s an investment in your building’s future.

4. Creates a Safer Work Environment

Settling foundations and unstable concrete means more than just aesthetic problems and structural inconveniences—they can also mean a hazardous work environment. Every commercial and industrial building needs to be reliable and safe for its employees, whether it is a warehouse, an office building, or a hybrid of both. Employees may become injured from something as simple as a trip hazard from unlevel flooring, and these injuries may be even more serious in high-labor workplaces where the employees may be moving heavy or hazardous materials. Not to mention, unsettled flooring isn’t a great first impression for customers, clients, or guests!

When your foundation is fortified with polyjacking, you can trust that you won’t have any risks to workplace safety as a result of your foundation. Polyjacking for commercial buildings keeps your structure up to snuff so you can focus your safety efforts on internal best practices.

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