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How to Choose a Concrete Leveling Provider

Finding a concrete leveling provider near you isn’t something homeowners think about every day. But the more you trip over that aging sidewalk or the more prominent the cracks in your driveway grow, you may realize that the time for concrete repair has come. Hopefully you’re not in an emergency situation with a sinking foundation or sever water damage, but if you are then it’s vital you find a reputable and trustworthy concrete leveling contractor as quickly as possible to protect your home from further damage!

Here are seven tips for choosing a concrete leveling provider, no matter how big or small the job may be:

1. Look for a Polyjacking Company

You may call us biased—considering “polyjacking” is literally in our company’s name—but we strongly believe that the best and most reliable method of concrete leveling is polyjacking! Having spent over 30 years in the concrete industry, we have done our research and seen how much more reliable and maintenance-free polyjacking is as opposed to traditional methods of concrete repair.

Polyjacking uses a foam injection method of concrete repair, filling the voids beneath sinking concrete slabs with a polyurethane foam that flows in every nook and cranny before solidifying into an immovable and lightweight fortification. This prevents the concrete from shifting any further by stabilizing the soil and lifting the concrete slabs back into position.

Not all concrete leveling contractors use the polyjacking method, so be sure to look for that keyword when doing your online research! If you can’t tell from their website what method they use, feel free to ask—but odds are if they don’t advertise it proudly, they likely aren’t polyjackers.

2. Check the Customer Reviews

The customer is always right, and their opinions should be your first green light (or red flag) when choosing a concrete leveling provider! Don’t just scroll through the reviews on the company’s website either—as these are often curated to make them look their best. Check review sites like Yelp, Angi (formerly Angie’s List), and Google to see what customers really have to say about the company!

While you browse the testimonials, look for those that mention a project similar to your needs. For instance, if you have a very old and uneven sidewalk you’d like to have fixed, search for reviews that mention a similar issue with a positive outcome.

3. Check for Proper Licenses and Insurance

While you might think this is a no-brainer, you still don’t want to be serviced by a company that isn’t doing everything by the book! Ask concrete leveling providers if they have the necessary licenses and insurance to ensure both you and the contractor are protected, should problems arise.

4. Review the Warranty

Beyond keeping your assets protected during the projects itself, you should find out about possible warranties included with concrete leveling services. If the job is done right, you shouldn’t need it, but if there are problems with a concrete leveling job they often won’t present themselves for a few years. A nice long warranty of around 3-5 years should give you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to pay to get the job done twice if the first time doesn’t take!

5. Ask the Tough Questions

This is your concrete. Whether it be a driveway, sidewalk, or something even more essential, like your foundation or basement flooring, you should feel completely confident in the concrete leveling company you choose. Don’t be afraid to grill your contractor with difficult questions before committing to them so you can be totally free of doubts.

6. Ask for a Cost Estimate

The cost of concrete leveling and repair will vary significantly depending on the extent of the damage, how much of your concrete surface is affected, and how much material is required to resolve the problem. Concrete leveling professionals should be able to come out and give you a free quote, giving you a clear understanding of what costs will be involved so you can make a comparison between different providers.

BONUS: Ask About Financing Options

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor influencing which contractor you choose, as a more expensive concrete leveling provider may also be a more reliable and well-reviewed provider. To that point, you should ask them about possible financing options to help fund your project now rather than waiting until the money is in the bank.

At Pro Polyjacking, we provide excellent financing options including interest-free plans for qualifying customers through our partnership with Wisetack!

7. Ask About the Scope of the Project

Once you’re ready to schedule your concrete leveling repairs with a contractor, ask them for details about the scope of the project. You should be prepared for how long the repairs will take, how much space the contractor will need to work, and how long you’ll need to stay off the concrete while it cures. These answers will mostly vary based on the concrete repair method being used, with polyjacking taking the gold for fastest, cleanest, and quickest to cure!

Choose Pro Polyjacking for Your Kansas City Concrete Leveling Needs!

To make finding the right concrete leveling provider in Kansas City easier, we’ve already answered most of these questions for you! Pro Polyjacking uses the latest in concrete repair technology to bring our customers the best results, and our reviews speak for themselves. With flexible financing and experience servicing all manner of residential and commercial concrete issues, we’re ready to bring your concrete back up to snuff. Contact us for a free estimate or to ask any questions you may still have!