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Concrete Repair Revolution: Polyjacking’s Exciting Future Prospects

Some of the greatest improvements to our society today have come through innovations in infrastructure. Revolutionary public works — from modern plumbing and electricity to the paved roadways and bridges that connect cities together — have been transformative to our nation, and that’s something we are excited to celebrate during National Public Works Week!

Much of what gets us pumped about public works is how the invention of polyjacking has strengthened the longevity of several public works projects in the United States. Polyjacking has made true concrete restoration possible, so that the infrastructures we rely on can hold firm for decades to come.

Caring for Aging Historical Infrastructure

Kansas City has a rich history with infrastructure dating back to the 1800s. Many of our most famous and beloved historical buildings were constructed in the 1880s and 90s, making them well over 100 years old. Even some of the modern skyscrapers decorating the Kansas City skyline date back to 1906.


These buildings have withstood the test of time thanks to our city’s determination to restore and repair rather than replace, and concrete restoration has played a big role in making this possible. Polyjacking is such a noninvasive concrete repair solution, it solves all manner of concrete problems without causing any damage or disruption to the historic buildings it restores.

Supporting Every Day Public Works

Of course, not all infrastructure has rich, historical merit. Much of what falls under the umbrella of public works is more routine, serving our daily operations as a society in a way that is often overlooked. From transportation needs to utilities and access to water, there are many essential parts of infrastructure that we take for granted until we no longer have them (like when the power goes out in the middle of the big game, or your water shuts off unexpectedly).


Many public works rely on concrete foundations to continue operating smoothly. With polyjacking, the future is bright for these infrastructure essentials with quick and reliable concrete repair:

Concrete and Transportation

Concrete roads and highways are expected to be smooth for drivers and truckers to get from A to B. Breaks, cracks, potholes, and other damage can increase the risk of accidents in addition to making for a much less comfortable ride. Even other forms of transportation like rail transport and aviation often involve some level of concrete for runways and loading docks.


Polyjacking is a fast and affordable solution that can quickly restore concrete roadways through concrete leveling and repair. Instead of repaving time and again as unstable soils create voids beneath highways, polyjacking addresses the problem at the source by filling the voids and stabilizing soils underneath the concrete.

Concrete Structures

Commercial and residential buildings aren’t the only things built on concrete foundations. Many other areas of infrastructure lean on the strength of concrete for support, including tunnels, bridges, and even dams. If this concrete becomes unstable, it puts lives at risk. Rather than risk a tunnel or bridge collapse or a dam bursting, concrete needs to be regularly assessed and repaired to guarantee public safety.


Because of innovations like polyjacking, these structures can maintain their integrity and stay firm indefinitely. With the polyjacking method of concrete repair, polyurethane foam flows and expands to fill the gaps, repairing all kinds of concrete issues from cracking and fissures to sinking slabs. This foam then solidifies while remaining lightweight so it doesn’t put added weight on the existing concrete structure but holds it firmly in place to prevent future concrete issues.

Building on Stronger Foundations

As our nation continues to grow and thrive with new innovations in public works, polyjacking is right there to ensure new constructions are built on the most solid of foundations! Historically, concrete restoration has been done retroactively as a form of repair, waiting until problems arise to bring in the solution. With this mindset, solutions like mudjacking seemed reasonable as it was expected that concrete would eventually fail and need to be repaired or replaced. However, as mudjacking makes it so concrete has to be continuously levelled to keep from sinking time and again, the time came for a better way.


Polyjacking doesn’t just solve the problem of inadequate concrete repair methods—it renders them completely unnecessary! New public works and construction projects can now be built on the best foundation possible with deep injection polyjacking. This latest and greatest approach to concrete repair acts preventatively to give foundations a stable footing long before any damage or sinking can occur.

Strengthen Your Infrastructure with Polyjacking

Polyjacking is the concrete repair solution for homes and commercial buildings alike. It levels sidewalks and driveways, restores settling foundations, and makes all manner of infrastructure reliable and strong for the lifetime of the concrete.

To learn more about how polyjacking can restore your concrete to its original glory, contact us for a free quote!