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5 Great Reasons Polyjacking is Right for Your Commercial Project

Concrete is at the very core of infrastructure and commercial businesses in the world today. You need to know that you can rely on this concrete foundation to stabilize and support your commercial and industrial projects day after day, year after year. When you need commercial concrete leveling to repair your concrete, polyjacking is the best solution for fast and reliable commercial concrete restoration.


Trying to decide if polyjacking can make a difference for your commercial or industrial property’s concrete complications? Here are five reasons why polyjacking is just what you need to literally “level up” your commercial business:

1. Polyjacking Makes the Workplace Safer

Considering the 2nd of September was Custodial Worker’s Recognition Day, we want to start out by taking this opportunity to appreciate those who maintain commercial facilities! These workers are among some of the most affected by unlevel flooring, which can hinder their ability to do their job safely and thoroughly.

Polyjacking is a significant safety improvement to any workplace, evening out flooring and enhancing the integrity of the structure. Several workplace injuries occur due to tripping and falling, and these injuries can be easily avoided thanks to polyjacking commercial applications that smooth out surfaces and eliminate foundational trip hazards.


2. It’s the Fastest Option for Commercial Concrete Leveling!

Traditional methods of commercial concrete leveling like mudjacking can take hours or even days to set and become safe for regular use again. That can mean several hours of the workday gone while your warehouse floor settles, or it could prevent certain tasks around the office like custodial work.


Polyjacking is the fastest and least invasive way to repair commercial concrete, taking mere minutes to set. Depending on the scope of the concrete leveling and repair, you can be ready to go full-steam-ahead in the workplace within just one or two hours at the most!

The fact that polyjacking is so minimally disruptive as to be considered noninvasive is just the icing on the cake (or, in this case, the polyurethane under the concrete). Injection sites for polyjacking are very small, and the whole process can be done without any interruption of your commercial operations beyond the actual area in need of repair.

3. It Levels Things Out, Permanently

Polyjacking isn’t a bandaid solution, and it requires exactly zero maintenance or touch-up once the work is completed. This is completely different than mudjacking, which must be redone every few years to maintain concrete leveling.


The polyjacking method of concrete repair levels out any and all concrete issues by filling in voids between concrete slabs and the underlying soil, and in so doing it even strengthens and fortifies the soil and minerals beneath your commercial facility to prevent any shifting or sinking in the future.

4. It Extends the Lifetime of Your Structure

Most commercial buildings can be expected to last 50 to 60 years and be considered safe and stable. This lifespan can be extended through proper upkeep and restoration—starting with your concrete foundation!

While it might be unrealistic to expect any building to last forever, polyjacking can significantly extend the lifespan of your commercial structures by providing an unbeatably strong foundation! Foundation settlement can cause a plethora of problems for commercial and industrial buildings. Rather than worrying about completely leveling your facility and starting from scratch, polyjacking levels up your existing structure to give it a whole new life!


5. Polyjacking Saves You Money

Concrete problems can get costly if left untreated, resulting in everything from sinking floors to noticeable cracks and distortions in the building’s frame. Furthermore, the wrong treatment can ultimately cause more harm than good by weighing down your concrete slabs so that you’ll need to get them releveled over and over again to keep up with the sinking.

By choosing polyjacking for your commercial concrete leveling needs, you can rest easy knowing that expensive foundational issues are a worry of the past, saving millions through the permanent restoration and leveling of your concrete. It definitely beats the cost of completely replacing concrete slabs!

Go Pro with Your Polyjacking Commercial Application!

At Pro Polyjacking, we utilize the highest quality eco-friendly polyurethane foam that is sturdy and reliable for even the most heavily used surfaces. Whether you have a warehouse floor in need of fortification or a wobbly office hallway, our team is ready to inspect and inject for good-as-new foundations to support your commercial projects.


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