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Exterior Crack in Foundation of Home

Signs Your Home May Have Foundation Issues

A sinking foundation can cause many problems throughout your home; if left untreated, these problems can eventually leave a home so structurally unsound that it’s unsafe to live there. Foundation repair doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s crucial if your home has any foundation issues! 

Let’s examine the warning signs of foundation issues and how to know when it’s time for foundation repair.

Nine Signs of Foundation Issues Beneath Your Home

Most signs of foundation problems are obvious. But they may go unnoticed as they gradually worsen over time. If you notice one of these signs, you should inspect the rest of your home for others. Here are nine signs you likely have foundation problems that need to be addressed:

1. Uneven floors

If you set a ball on one end of the room, does it roll to the other side? If so, your floor is unlevel. This is almost always a sign of differential foundation settlement, which can be problematic and even dangerous if allowed to worsen. You may also notice squeaky or buckling floorboards as a symptom of uneven flooring.

2. Cracks in Tile Floors

Another sign of uneven floors and underlying foundation issues is cracks in tile flooring. This can manifest as a separation between tiles or cracks through the individual tiles. Cracks can also be a warning sign of water damage beneath your foundation, as hard tiles mask the sponginess of flooring that isn’t getting the proper support from its foundation.

3. Sticking Doors and Windows

When doors and windows start to jam, or stop opening or closing properly, foundation issues can be a cause. A crooked or uneven door threshold means the corners of the frame are no longer 90-degree angles, and that’s a sure sign of foundation problems causing the door to slope unevenly. Window frames can become similarly warped due to a shifting, unstable foundation.

4. Water Damage in the Basement and Crawl Space

If you discover water damage or flooding in your basement or crawl space, this can either be the cause or result of foundation damage. Water getting into the soil beneath your foundation can cause it to expand and contract, creating voids that the foundation settles down into. If the foundation begins to crack from the uneven pressure, this water can leak into your basement and crawl space. The opposite can also occur, where water getting into the basement seeps down into the foundation and causes it to crack and warp. If there is water damage beneath the surface, you may not be able to see it easily but may still be able to identify it by the foul, musty odor in your basement or crawl space.

5. Leaning Chimney

If you have a tall chimney, this can be a quick and easy way to determine if you have foundation issues. The straight, vertical nature of a chimney makes foundation problems very obvious. If your chimney starts to look more like the leaning tower of Piza, it’s probably time to consider foundation repair!

6. Cracks in Drywall or Siding

Walls are upheld by sturdy framing and shouldn’t crack or break apart easily. So if you’re noticing cracks either in the interior drywall or the exterior siding of your house, that’s a red flag that something is going wrong! It may be a symptom of foundation problems, as the sinking foundation puts pressure on various points in the walls. If you see diagonal cracks along your walls, this likely means that they are bowing. While bowing walls are fixable, they will only reoccur if the foundation isn’t repaired.

7. Basement Cracks

Some basement cracks can be caused by normal settling, which is typical of any new construction. But when these cracks are accompanied by other problems, like jamming doors or water damage, you should have a professional inspect your foundation for issues.

8. Counters and Cabinets Separating from Walls

Uneven walls cause attached counters and cabinets to move, especially due to differential foundation settlement! If you notice this separation in your kitchen or bathroom, even in seemingly insignificant amounts, it’s likely due to foundation problems.

9. Plumbing and Other Drainage Issues

If you’re starting to experience frequent plumbing issues, particularly related to proper drainage from your home, an uneven foundation may be the culprit. If foundation settlement has moved a home far enough from its original position, it can cause the home to shift “out of plumb.” Drainage issues may be more related to the plumbing itself than the foundation. But if accompanied by one of the other warning signs listed above, it may be foundation-related.

When to Seek Professional Foundation Repair

Any time you see signs of foundation issues, don’t wait! It may not be an emergency now, but foundation problems will only worsen over time, leading to more cracks, more water damage, and a more unstable and unsafe home. If you suspect your foundation requires repair, contact us at Pro Polyjacking! Our safe, noninvasive foundation repair techniques will restore balance to your home in no time at all, relieving the stress on the structure and your shoulders.