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How to Level a Door Threshold on Concrete

If your exterior door threshold is uneven, you can end up with a gap around the seals that causes draftiness and may allow pests into your home. A threshold built on a concrete foundation or porch can make leveling even more complicated. What should you do to repair the problem? Here are some options for leveling a door threshold on concrete.

What NOT to Do When Leveling a Door Threshold

Just as important as determining the best method of leveling out your door’s threshold is knowing what you should not do. Here are a few common faux pas in threshold repairs that homeowners should steer clear of:

DON’T Use Self-leveling Concrete

Self-leveling concrete may seem like a quick and easy solution, as you can simply pour some concrete to build up the threshold to the necessary height. However, self-leveling concrete is not intended for outdoor use and can wear down quickly when exposed to inclement weather.

DON’T Try to Raise Concrete Yourself

Your door threshold may be unlevel because of a sinking concrete porch or foundation, and these issues should never be addressed through DIY means! If you suspect concrete problems are causing your threshold to become uneven, contact a professional concrete leveling contractor to make the needed repairs.

DON’T Attach Materials to the Door Itself

In most cases, any materials used to build up a threshold should be installed on the threshold. Adding materials to the base of your exterior door can affect its ability to swing open and shut properly, and any materials you add on are likely to break off eventually. Plus, making any adjustments to the threshold will also be much more aesthetically pleasing than sticking extra materials on the bottom of your door!

4 Ways to Level a Door Threshold on Concrete

If your door threshold is on concrete, here are four methods you can try to fix it. If you try any of the DIY methods that involve installing additional materials to your doorframe or threshold, be sure to caulk properly, ensuring any gaps are nicely sealed.

1. Make Sure Your Concrete is Level

The first step should always be to inspect the concrete itself! Since your door threshold is on concrete, any problems with the concrete itself may be contributing to your unlevel threshold. Have your concrete porch or foundation inspected by a concrete repair expert who can inform you whether or not sinking concrete is the cause of your threshold problems.

And if you do have problems with your concrete, we highly recommend polyjacking for a fast and reliable fix that will not weigh down your threshold! If your concrete is looking good or has already been leveled and you still have an unlevel threshold, move on to one of the more DIY fixes.

2. Attach a New Door Sweep

Inspect your existing door sweep. If it is worn away or too small for your threshold, replacing it may be all you need to do to solve the problem. Just make sure your new door sweep will fit the length and width of your door, or else be prepared to cut it to fit.

3. Replace with an Adjustable Threshold

If your concrete is level and your door sweep is in good condition, consider swapping your existing threshold for an adjustable threshold. An adjustable threshold is designed to be raised or lowered on each side, making it possible to align it to an uneven door frame to give a level appearance and reduce gapping.

4. Build Up with Peel-and-Stick Roofing Underlay

If your threshold is relatively level but you have a large gap between the threshold and your exterior door, peel-and-stick roofing underlay makes a great material for building up the threshold to close the gap! This short video offers a quick and easy guide for this DIY method of leveling a door threshold on concrete or any other material.

Your Problem Might Be Foundational!

Unless your threshold has been uneven from the start and is the result of framing failures, you may have a foundation issue involving sinking concrete slabs. While some of the DIY fixes above can help to close the gap between your door and threshold temporarily, they won’t make for a permanent solution if your concrete has an ongoing problem.

At Pro Polyjacking, we want to ensure Kansas City homes can stand firm on their foundations! Contact us to learn more about how polyjacking can solve all manner of home alignment and construction issues with a fast and simple injection.

Houses are rarely built out of alignment, and if your door threshold is uneven then it is most likely a symptom of underlying foundation issues or problems with your concrete porch. Get in touch with our Pro Polyjacking team today for an expert evaluation.