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How to Level a Hot Tub on Concrete

Hot tubs are a wonderful way to relax, and can be a nice upgrade for your backyard. But because hot tubs (and the water inside of them) are very heavy, they require a sturdy foundation to remain level and last as long as possible. While you may think your concrete patio is the perfect spot for a new hot tub, any uneven areas could pose an issue for your hot tub’s longevity and stability. That’s where concrete leveling comes in!

Here is your guide for how to level a hot tub on concrete.

Why You Need a Level Spa Pad

While some hot tub models can be installed on slightly sloped concrete, there should never be any unevenness under the hot tub’s base, as this can add stress to your spa, causing it to crack and leak more easily. Hot tubs should always be uniformly supported under the entire base.

Always check with your hot tub manufacturer before installation, as some leveling methods may not be recommended for your specific model.

How to Level Hot Tub When Concrete is Unlevel

There are a few different ways to level a hot tub on concrete. We’re going to break down each option—from cheap DIY to expensive backyard makeovers—and tell you why professional concrete leveling is always your best bet.

1. Fill in Uneven Areas with Sand or Gravel

The quickest way to solve issues of uneven concrete is by filling in the gaps with sand or gravel. While it’s one of the cheapest ways to prep your concrete for a hot tub, it’s also the least reliable. Sand and gravel loosely packed into gaps will inevitably shift out of position, leaving you no better off than before.

2. Build a Gravel Box

A more elevated approach to DIY hot tub leveling is building a gravel box. All you need is pea gravel and some 2x4s to create a quick gravel foundation for your spa that covers up any uneven concrete. This is a great option for installing a hot tub on grass or dirt, where there isn’t a solid foundation already in place. It can also be a nice way to raise your hot tub somewhat off of the concrete and decrease the risk of water damage.

Despite its affordable and do-it-yourself (DIY) appeal, a gravel box will run into some of the same issues as other DIY methods in that it doesn’t solve any underlying concrete problems. If you have unstable soils or erosion occurring beneath your concrete slabs, your concrete may continue to sag over time. The result will be needing to redo your gravel box or ultimately just invest in concrete leveling.

3. Replace Concrete Slabs

If your concrete is giving you trouble and limiting your ability to get the backyard spa of your dreams, you can always replace it! Old, greatly weathered concrete may be overdue for replacement anyway, though in most cases this is going to be far more expensive and time-consuming than necessary.

4. Shim the Hot Tub Base

If you already have a hot tub, shimming could be a handy way to solve the problem. This DIY method is very affordable and simple for the aspiring handyman, but it may not be recommended for your specific hot tub model. This is especially important if you have a hot tub warranty that could be compromised by shimming! So beware before shimming.

5. Level Concrete with Polyjacking!

It should come as no surprise that this last method is what we recommend. Polyjacking is a fast, noninvasive, and reliable method of concrete leveling that restores your concrete to perfect stability while guaranteeing no future shifting or sinking. It’s much more affordable than replacing your concrete entirely, and it’s a much better long-term solution than any DIY patchwork will ever accomplish!

Why Polyjacking is the Best Way to Level a Hot Tub on Concrete

Polyjacking injects a polyurethane foam beneath your concrete to fill any existing voids and raise sunken slabs before solidifying into a lightweight but sturdy material that locks your concrete in place for good!

Polyjacking is waterproof, so you can trust that your concrete won’t be ruined by splashing water from the hot tub. It’s also easy to do on concrete that already has a hot tub installed on top of it in most cases, so you don’t need to worry about moving your hot tub before scheduling your concrete leveling in Kansas City!

Enjoy Your Hot Tub on Level Concrete!

You’re investing in a spa for relaxation and enjoyment, not to spend your precious time and resources constantly troubleshooting hot tub problems! If your concrete is buckling under the pressure of your hot tub or isn’t stable enough to support one in the first place, contact Pro Polyjacking to bolster your concrete and keep your hot tub on solid ground!