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Going Green: The Eco-Friendly Advantages of Polyjacking

Polyjacking is the fastest and most reliable method of concrete leveling and repair, using polyurethane foam injected into cracks and beneath slabs to return concrete to its original glory. While the technology and techniques used in polyjacking are known for being the best and brightest in the industry, many homeowners and businesses are concerned about the environmental impact.

So is polyjacking eco-friendly, or is polyurethane foam bad for the environment around your concrete? The short answer is yes, polyjacking is eco-friendly! Let’s explore five eco-friendly advantages of polyjacking for your concrete repair needs:


1. Polyjacking is Noninvasive

Unlike mudjacking, which requires heavy machinery and significant drilling to level and repair concrete, polyjacking is quick, simple, and noninvasive! All that is required to inject polyurethane foam beneath concrete slabs is drilling a tiny hole—or “injection site”—around ⅝” wide with a handheld tool.

Because polyjacking is so noninvasive and fast, there is much less disturbance to the surrounding environment than any other concrete repair method. No digging, no excavating, and very minimal drilling means your repairs will be complete in record time, leaving you with perfectly level concrete and undisturbed gardens and lawns.


2. Repair is Better Than Replacement

Fixing unlevel concrete is important for safety around your home or workplace, and problems left unchecked will only get worse. While you could fully tear out the existing concrete and replace it, this will greatly disturb the environment more than repair via polyjacking.

Replacement will also create a lot of waste as the removed concrete has to be disposed of somewhere, making repair a much more sustainable option. When you repair your existing concrete, you extend its life by decades or more. And when you repair your concrete with polyjacking, you extend its life indefinitely!


3. Polyjacking is Maintenance-free

Once an area of concrete has been treated with polyjacking, the underlying soil is stabilized to prevent further erosion or movement. This means no additional treatment or maintenance is needed, so the area surrounding your concrete can be left undisturbed after just an hour or two of polyjacking repair.

Other concrete repair methods like mudjacking aren’t so maintenance-free. Since they’re effectively using concrete to repair concrete, the same problems will eventually arise as the heavy materials cause slabs to sink, meaning the entire process must be repeated every few years. Polyjacking uses a lightweight foam that flows like water to fill all the cracks and crevices beneath the concrete, creating a firm foundation that requires no upkeep.


4. Polyurethane Foam is Environmentally Safe

The materials used for polyjacking are engineered to be as environmentally safe as possible, becoming chemically inert once cured so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals in the air or the surrounding soil. Polyurethane foam doesn’t soak into the soil beneath your concrete—it flows around it before expanding and solidifying to create a stronger surface for concrete to sit upon.

Polyurethane foam is also waterproof and doesn’t biodegrade, so it won’t rot either. Because it cures into a lightweight but sturdy material in as little as fifteen minutes, polyurethane foam poses no harmful risk to burrowing bugs or animals, who will not find it easy or appealing to move through.


5. Polyurethane Foam is Sustainable

Polyurethane foam is composed of organic and synthetic materials, but as much as 49% of the materials used to make polyurethane foam are renewable or recycled! The polyurethane creation process has a very low environmental impact, producing minimal CO2 emissions.

In addition to being made from recycled materials in a low-impact way, polyurethane itself is recyclable! So if the concrete and underlying polyurethane were ever to be removed, the polyurethane foam could be ground and reprocessed for use in everything from windows and doors to countertops, boats, trucks, furniture, and even mattresses! And again, because it is waterproof, the polyurethane foam stays sturdy and clean throughout its lifespan. How’s that for sustainability?



Repair Your Concrete Sustainably with Polyjacking!

Now that we’ve proven how eco-friendly polyjacking is, take a look at your concrete. Do you have cracking or sinking slabs? If your concrete is showing signs of wear and tear, the time for polyjacking is now. Don’t wait until your concrete problems turn into disaster situations—your friends here at Pro Polyjacking can have your concrete level and good as new in no time. Just contact us for a free quote!