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Exploring Cutting-Edge Polyjacking Solutions for Industrial Challenges

Although polyjacking may not be at the forefront of your mind when facing various industrial challenges, this concrete repair method can resolve a multitude of foundational issues for commercial industries. With so many essential elements of your business relying on the concrete that supports it all, it’s important to understand how industrial concrete leveling and repair can create permanent stability. Let’s explore some cutting-edge polyjacking solutions and how they can make a difference for you!

How Industrial Polyjacking Solves Problems

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding polyjacking. When deciding how to solve seemingly minimal problems like cracking or slightly uneven flooring, many businesses and homeowners assume polyjacking is only a cosmetic fix that doesn’t actually address any real challenges. Even if they think polyjacking is useful, they worry it’s too expensive to be a worthwhile investment. We’re here to prove these assumptions wrong! 


Here is how polyjacking really does solve industrial challenges:

Polyjacking Improves Functionality

Polyjacking is about far more than aesthetic appeal. While repaired concrete certainly looks better than uneven, cracked slabs, the benefits stretch far beyond appearance. Level flooring makes for a far safer, more productive workplace, and happier home.


A small crack or slightly uneven surface may not seem like a big concern now, but if left unchecked it will turn into an even greater problem as uneven soil beneath the foundation continues to go unchecked. Polyjacking injects polyurethane foam beneath the surface, which fortifies the soil and prevents it from shifting further while filling gaps and raising sunken slabs back to their original, level place.

Polyjacking is Better Than Caulking

Do-it-yourself business owners (or homeowners) may be tempted to simply caulk cracked and broken concrete, filling the gaps using a hardware store version of polyurethane foam instead of calling in a professional. Unfortunately, caulking only acts as a bandaid solution, treating the visible symptom without addressing the real problem underneath.


Industrial polyjacking injects the polyurethane foam deep under the concrete slabs to fill in the cracks and the void underneath the foundations that is causing sinking and cracking in the first place!

Polyjacking Actually is a Quick Fix!

Anytime a business is put on hold, it results in money lost. We understand how that may cause businesses to resist shutting down an area of their warehouse or work floor for polyjacking treatment, as they worry about the time it will take for the repair to be made.


Polyjacking is a quick and permanent fix that takes less than an hour, after which the polyurethane stabilizes far quicker than alternative concrete repair methods, getting your business up and running again (or your home ready to enjoy) in record time!

Problems Industrial Concrete Leveling Can Solve

Industrial concrete leveling using the polyjacking method can solve challenges caused by a whole slew of factors—it’s not just a solution for a singular problem! Here are a few examples of polyjacking in the industrial and commercial spheres:

Foundation Settling

New construction may look solid at first, but over time the foundation can settle and become uneven. Polyjacking can not only be used to restore foundations to their original glory but it can also be done preemptively through deep injection to prevent settling from ever occurring in the first place.

Water Damage and Washout

No business wants to deal with water damage, but problems like broken water mains or unchecked leaks can cause severe damage to commercial buildings. Beyond mold and mildew, water damage can also cause washout that leaves large voids beneath a building’s foundation. Polyjacking is all about filling that void!

Cracks in Garage or Warehouse Floor

When people, dollies, and vehicles need to move quickly in, out, or through a garage or warehouse, you don’t want them getting stuck or tripping over large cracks and crevices in the concrete. Polyjacking seals cracks, levels flooring, and helps restore a reliable, smooth surface that keeps productivity strong.

Deteriorating Farm Silo

As the backbone of your farming operation, it’s important to feel confident that your silo will keep your grain protected from the elements. If the concrete of your farm silo has any gaps or cracking, this compromises your product! Polyjacking can ensure your silo stays stable and dependable for years to come.

Big or Small, Every Customer Matters!

It doesn’t matter to us whether the concrete in need of repair is on a sidewalk or in a major warehouse—for a single-family home or for a large operation. We treat solutions of all kinds for all people. We’ve helped schools create safe playgrounds for their students, leveled out the flooring of office spaces through carpet or wood tiling, and spent over 30 years dedicated to satisfying customers with concrete repairs that make their foundations better than new!

If your concrete is impacting your industrial, commercial, or personal success and happiness, we’re here to help. Contact Pro Polyjacking today to learn how polyjacking can change the way you think about concrete repair!